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Girls' Day

The annual Girls' Day is considered the largest career orientation project for female students. On 28 April 2022 enterprises with technical departments and technical training facilities, universities, and research centres are invited to organise an open day for girls.

Under the umbrella “Zukunft Bauen” – Build the Future – IntCDC researchers from the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD), the Max Plank Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS), Institute for Social Sciences (SOWI 5) and the Materials Testing Institute (MPA) offer three bilingual workshop on 28 April 2022 for girls in class level 9-10.


Integrated Eco-Synergetic Wood Design
Selbst-formendes Holz: Material Science meets Architecture
Robots that build, feel, and interact with humans



Integrated Eco-Synergetic Wood Design

Institute of Social Sciences (SOWI) and Material Testing Institute (MPA)


IntCDC Girls' Day Insect Hotels
Insect Hotels


The Girls’ Day workshop will introduce how wood material science can support biodiversity in an urban environment. We will show how advanced pollinators’ gardens and insect hotels can be created on a balcony and how to monitor the pollinators pollinating in action. The event will cover hands-on citizen science mobile application and DIY kits.


Marie Davidova (SOWI), Serena Gambaretti (MPA), Mariah Guimaraes, Martha Teye
In the team, but not in the picture: Noé Fararoni, Svenja Reinhardt


Before, it was very difficult for girls and young ladies to study science. Now, you can decide to become whatever you want in your life.



Visualization of the prototype
Visualization of the prototype


We want to share our passion for science and research, encouraging young women to be free and independent in their choice of future profession.


Through a STEM focus, we can see the world through other eyes. It gives us more creativity to solve problems and turns the journey interesting and joyful. Girls also should have the opportunity to join in it and make a difference in the world.


A few years ago only the privileged girls had the chance to contribute to work and knowledge but the status quo has changed. Every girl is unique so develop your potential to make a compelling change because the time is now.





Selbst-formendes Holz: Material Science meets Architecture 

Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD)

Wood Models
Wood reacts to temperature and humidity fluctuations and expands or contracts as a result

The workshop provides a look behind the scenes of research on wood as a building material in the field of architecture. Due to its special properties, wood can be used to create self-forming components for buildings, or shading facade elements that react to the weather without needing electricity. In the workshop school kids will gain real life experiences by the use of water, a hair dryer and a self-shaping starter kit.


Cones as illustrators
Cones as illustrators


It is really exciting to share cutting-edge research with high school girls. I was not exposed to such interdisciplinary subjects until much later in my life, and I hope these workshops help the younger generation experience how fun research can be.


Not until I started studying Architecture I realised that you could do research in the field of architecture. I also didn’t know that this research can merge structural design, aesthetics, programming and robotics! If I had known that I wouldn’t have thought twice before choosing that path.


Tiffany Cheng, Laura Kiesewetter and Dylan Wood (all ICD)


Robots that build, feel, and interact with humans

Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD) and Max Plank Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS)

In this workshop, we introduce the world of robotics and show the diversity of their sizes, shapes, and the tasks they can perform. We will go on a virtual tour across different research laboratories where the robots live. First, we demonstrate how humans can interact with robots in several ways. Then, together we will design and make a furniture-scale object using our industrial robotic arms.

Try as many different things as you can, and maybe you'll find something you love


When I was in high school myself, I had no idea that robotics and programming can be used in design and other creative disciplines. I'm excited to share this perspective with the young girls and show them the possibilities where the two worlds of design and engineering meet


Yijie Gong (MPI-IS), Yasaman Tahouni (ICD), Tiffany Cheng (ICD), Mayumi Mohan (MPI-IS), Katja Rinderspacher (ICD), Dylan Wood (ICD)



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