Early Career & Education

Offering tailor-made support for all career stages in an interdisciplinary and international research community


The Cluster of Excellence “Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture” (IntCDC) aims to attract and train the next generation of leaders in the emerging field of IntCDC. We support our early career researchers in honing their scientific and professional skills as well as in building an interdisciplinary, international network to achieve their research and career goals.

Student assistantships, the IntCDC Master’s Thesis Award and the IntCDC “Blue Sky” Project Grant enable excellent students in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes to participate in the Cluster and foster an academic career.

Our doctoral and postdoctoral researchers are at the center of the Cluster’s vibrant research environment. As members of the Graduate School of Advanced Research in Integrative Computational Design and Construction, they have access to an IntCDC-specific, interdisciplinary training programme, various awards and grants as well as to international research stays and industry secondments. Postdoctoral researchers benefit from the IntCDC NextGen Leadership Program, and independent participation in the Cluster’s calls for projects as well as attractive positions, e.g., as independent junior research group leaders.

The Early Career Board functions as independent voice for participation, involving our early career researchers actively in the IntCDC governance.



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