Extension of the Cyber-Physical Prefabrication Platform

Research Project 14-2 (RP 14-2)



In the first funding phase of IntCDC, a fabrication system for core-less filament winding (CFW) was developed and implemented, which enables the manufacturing of fiber components of varying shape with only minimal formwork. The system features two container platforms, each being equipped with a robot on a linear axis to allow manufacturing of large-scale building components and a filament placement head that allows passing between robots, on-head impregnation and tension control. While previous approaches were stationary [1] the developed platform is portable and reconfigurable. Although it already enables manufacturing of large components, the current platform has several limitations in regards to size of workpiece, speed of production, possible fiber net configurations/syntaxes, process predictability (and related safety factors), use of more sustainable materials and ease of programming. Addressing these limitations poses scientific challenges which will be addressed in the second phase by investigating the extension of the fabrication platform and related fabrication space, as well as production speed, through robot teams and Autonomous Mobile Robots. This will be complemented by methods for path planning automation, by advancing monitoring and compensation methods to reduce safety factors, and by researching possibilities of fabricating with alternative fiber/matrix systems. The developments will be tested and evaluated in two demonstrators.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alexander Verl
Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units (ISW), University of Stuttgart
Prof. Achim Menges
Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD), University of Stuttgart
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Middendorf
Institute of Aircraft Design (IFB), University of Stuttgart


Dr.-Ing. Stefan Carosella (IFB)
Dr.-Ing. Armin Lechler (ISW)
Marko Szcesny (IBB)
Sebastian Hügle (IFB)
Timo König (ISW)
Christoph Zechmeister (ICD)



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