Early career meets Visiting Professor Chris Harty at the LCRL

April 21, 2023


Time: April 21, 2023
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On 21 April, 2023 the seminar “Early Career meets Visiting Professor Chris Harty” took place at the IntCDC Laboratory for Large Scale Construction Robotics in Waiblingen.

Chris Harty is visiting IntCDC from London South Bank University, where he is Dean of Built Environment and Architecture and Professor of Technology and Organization. Prior to this, he was at the University of Reading for many years, latterly as Head of the School of Built Environment. He is also Chair of BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) having been a non-executive Director since 2019.

Chris Harty gave an overview of his research interests, especially on interactions between organizations, people and technology in the AEC sector as well as impacts of new technologies on industry practices. Prof. Harty is an expert in understanding cultural and strategic change in organizations, implementing new technologies and working practices, future scenario development and the connections between physical space and organization.

While for the participating social scientists the disciplinary exchange on their research topics was in the foreground, for the PhD students of other disciplines the explanations and personal experiences of Chris Harty on career planning after the doctorate were particularly exciting. Chris Hartys first-hand information on the differences between the British and German science systems and their impacts on career planning was met with great interest.

Afterwards, the participants were guided through the LCRL where Mark Burkhardt and Anja Lauer presented their work on two automated cranes, and Felix Amtsberg demonstrated the Cyber-Physical Wood Fabrication Platform. During the tour, questions of concrete human-technology interaction were examined and discussed in more detail.

The unanimous opinion that input from people outside the cluster is always enriching and helps to integrate new perspectives into one's own research was confirmed again in this seminar. We thank Prof. Harty for providing his expertise and suggestions as well as for the opportunity to have a rich dialogue!



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