April 22, 2021 /

Build the Future! – IntCDC hosts two workshops at the Girls’ Day 2021

IntCDC Event


On April 22 thousands of Girls in Germany and around the world join the Girls’ Day initiative, which encourages school girls from 5th grade and above to pursue a STEM career. This year, IntCDC researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems and the Institute for Computational Design and Construction at University of Stuttgart (ICD) are offering two bilingual workshops under the umbrella “Zukunft Bauen” – Build the Future. The workshops are “Roboter, die bauen, fühlen und mit Menschen interagieren” (“Robots that Build, Feel and Interact with People”) and “Selbst-formendes Holz: Material Science meets Architecture” (“Self-Formed Wood: Material Science Meets Architecture”).

Registration is open on the Federal Website. Places are limited and go fast!


Interested in the IntCDC workshops? Register here:

Selbst-formendes Holz: Material Science meets Architecture
Roboter, die bauen, fühlen und mit Menschen interagieren

Further workshops hosted by the University of Stuttgart





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