April 27, 2021 /
IntCDC RPA B1 “Material Systems”

Activities of Materials and Material Systems in Design, Engineering, and Construction

IntCDC Event


The Cluster of Excellence IntCDC will host an online event with guest speakers from the Cluster of Excellence Matters of Activity. Dr. Karin Krauthausen and Dr. Khashayar Razghandi will take part in the talk, followed by a panel discussion moderated by the working group of RPA B1 “Material Systems”.Activities of materials and material systems in design, engineering, and construction


27.04.2021 | 16:00 - 18:00

Activities of Materials and Material Systems in Design, Engineering, and Construction

Materials and processing techniques used today in construction result in 50% of the global resource consumption, 40% of energy and process-related CO2 emissions, and 50% of waste. Material systems form the foundation of components and building systems and to the great extent affect their ecological, economic and technical performance. One of the ways towards the reduction of the environmental footprint of the buildings would be to activate physical intelligence of material systems and to improve their performance during the design and production. The re-emergence of the interest towards materials in the digital age indicates the need to reconnect the digital and physical worlds, particularly through new digital technologies and interdisciplinary research. The studies conducted in the Matters of Activity Excellence cluster open up new frontiers and facets of material research and its applications in various areas of practice including design and construction.
The purpose of this panel discussion is to introduce the interdisciplinary studies conducted at the Matters of Activity Excellence Cluster from different perspectives and discuss the possibilities that activation of material systems can bring to design, engineering, and construction, as well as the possible methods of transferring these activities from theoretical and experimental research to practical applications.

Guest speakers:

Dr. Karin Krauthausen is a literary and cultural scholar with a focus on epistemological questions. After completing her doctorate on »Drawing and Seeing in the works of Paul Valéry«, she was a fellow at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin for several years before taking over the coordination of the PhD-Net »The Knowledge of Literature« at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin in 2011 and moving to the Cluster of Excellence »Image Knowledge Gestaltung« from 2013 on until 2018.

Dr. Khashayar Razghandi is a (Material) Scientist and Engineer working as a Research Associate in between Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces and Exzellenzcluster »Matters of Activity«, at the intersection of Natural Science & Design.


Working group of the IntCDC RPA B1 “Material Systems”:

Piotr Baszyński (ITKE, University of Stuttgart)
Tiffany Cheng (ICD, University of Stuttgart)
Rebeca Duque Estrada (ICD, University of Stuttgart)
Daria Kovaleva (ILEK, University of Stuttgart)
Pascal Mindermann (ITFT, University of Stuttgart)
Evgenia Spyridonos (ITKE, University of Stuttgart)
Yasaman Tahouni (ICD, University of Stuttgart)


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