March 10, 2022 /
University of Stuttgart

9. Doktorandenkolloquium "Holzbau Forschung + Praxis 2022"

Institut Institut of Structural Design (KE), IntCDC, proHolzBW

On March 10 and 11, 2022, the 9th Doctoral Colloquium "Holzbau Forschung + Praxis" will be held in Stuttgart by the Institut of Structural Design (KE), the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC and proHolzBW.

The aim of the event is once again to offer young researchers in the field of timber construction the opportunity to report on their ongoing work and to discuss with other staff, professors and participants from the field. The colloquium will also give representatives from practice the chance to get to know the young scientists and to learn about new developments in timber construction.

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