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Karon MacLean


Advisory Board

University of British Columbia, Faculty of Science
Professor of Computer Science
Director, UBC Designing for People Research Cluster


Karon MacLean is Professor in Computer Science at UBC, with degrees in Biology and Mechanical Engineering (BSc, Stanford; M.Sc. / Ph.D, MIT) and and time spent as a professional robotics engineer (Center for Engineering Design, University of Utah) and haptics / interaction researcher (Interval Research, Palo Alto). At UBC since 2000, MacLean's research specializes in haptic (touch) interaction: cognitive, sensory and affective design for people interacting with the computation we touch, emote and move with and learn from, from robots to handheld devices and the situated environment. MacLean leads UBC’s Designing for People interdisciplinary research cluster and CREATE graduate training program (25 researchers spanning 11 departments and 5 faculties -, is Special Advisor, Innovation and Knowledge Mobilization to UBC’s Faculty of Science, and will co-chair ACM UIST (User Interface Software and Technology) in 2020.

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