IntCDC Conference 2022

Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Future-proof Architecture
October 13, 2022

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IntCDC Conference 2022:
Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Future-Proof Architecture

The conference of the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC presents cutting-edge research on rethinking design and construction towards a truly future-proof built environment based on an interdisciplinary approach including architecture, civil engineering, manufacturing and system engineering, computer science and robotics, as well as social sciences and the humanities.

We will discuss current challenges and novel research approaches focusing on computational co-design, digital fabrication and cyber-physical construction, with an emphasis on sustainability and responsibility in advancing architecture, engineering and construction.

Join us on Thursday, October 13, 2022, for multifaceted insights and lively discussions.

The conference is presented as part of the Stuttgart Week of Advancing AEC.




Thursday, October 13, 2022


Towards Future-Proof Timber Architecture

Computational Co-Design of next-generation timber building systems

Timber architecture constitutes a crucial component of a future-proof built environment. This session presents integrative approaches of computationally co-designing digitally fabricated and robotically assembled timber building systems, which offer enhanced resource effectiveness, expanded design possibilities and greater spatial flexibility. It explores related architectural morphologies, addresses structural and building physics challenges, discusses data integration, and integrates sociocultural matters.



The Future of Concrete Construction: Light and Sustainable

Computational Co-Design of digitally fabricated concrete building systems

Concrete is the most used building material in the world. As the demand for it continues to grow, it is essential to reduce the negative environmental impact it causes by reducing mass, grey emissions and waste. This session presents digitally based approaches to the design and fabrication of lightweight and sustainable concrete building systems with a special focus on functionally graded concrete systems. It covers resource-efficient structural design methods, automated manufacturing processes, and circular construction strategies, including zero-waste production, recycling and reuse of concrete components.



Fibrous Structures for Resource Efficient Building Systems of the Future

Computational Co-Design of digitally fabricated fibre composite building systems

Structures made of fibres have been almost unknown in building technology until very recently. Yet particularly light and resource-efficient structures can be built with a load-adapted alignment of fibres. The session presents integrated design and fabrication methods that offer new possibilities to use the potential of fibres for architecture and civil engineering. The presented demonstrators use both, high-performance synthetic fibres as well as those from renewable bio-based resources.     



Cyber-Physical Construction of Co-Design

Cyber-physical systems have great potential to increase the efficiency of construction processes by intertwining hardware and software components. This session presents approaches for automation, control and monitoring of a cyber-physical construction platform, which includes both conventional construction machines, e.g. tower cranes or spider cranes, as well as innovative reconfigurable modular robots. Furthermore, advanced modes of human-machine interactions, e.g. an intuitive haptic user interface or visual support through eye tracking, are presented and a central data management platform for the whole process chain is introduced.



Registration will open in July here.



The IntCDC Conference will be hosted at the City Campus of the University of Stuttgart, Germany.



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