CampUS hoch i Dialogue

April 22, 2024

CampUS hoch i, IntCDC

Time: April 22, 2024
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We would like to invite you to the CampUS hoch i Dialogue on 22 April 2024, 4:30 p.m.

The project CampUS hoch i, IntCDC Associated Project AP 17, is a real-world laboratory for intelligent carbon neutrality at the University of Stuttgart. Using new and existing buildings on the Vaihingen Campus as examples, the project analyses and demonstrates ways of achieving climate neutrality in properties. CampUS hoch i not only focuses on different building types, intelligent technologies (AI, smart buildings, etc.) and neighbourhood integration – it also works together with the people who use, plan and manage buildings in various formats.

For further project-related information, see CampUS hoch i.

20240422_LCRL_Section_2.pngOne key activity of the CampUS hoch i project is also related to the LCRL building (LCRL: Large-Scale Construction Robotic Laboratory), which is being realised by the IntCDC Cluster of Excellence. In order to reduce the consumption of fossil energy and thus enable a climate neutral operation of the building we developed advanced energy concepts and investigated the possibilities of using intelligent building control strategies and features. We also developed a monitoring concept to investigate, assess and optimise the energetic behaviour of the building during its operation.
The aim of this event is to present and discuss the results of our activities.


Introduction to Project CampUS hoch i
Dr. Ludger Eltrop, IER, University of Stuttgart
Advanced Energy and Performance Monitoring Concepts for the LCRL Building
Dr. Harald Drück, IGTE, University of Stuttgart

Intelligent Building Control Strategies: Technical Options and Feedback Instruments
Peter Lierhammer, IER, University of Stuttgart
Dr. Birgit Mack, ZIRIUS, University of Stuttgart

Date: 22 April 2024   |   4:30 p.m.
Duration: 1,5 hrs (approx. 1 hr presentations and 30 min discussion)
Location: Room 10.08, K1, Keplerstraße 11, University of Stuttgart


IntCDC working group in the CampUS hoch i project: Dr. Harald Drück, IGTE, Uni Stuttgart

Project Coordination CampUS hoch i: Dr. Ludger Eltrop, IER, Uni Stuttgart


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