Lecture Series: Co-Designing an Integrative (Demonstrator) Laboratory

April 12, 2021 /

IntCDC Event


The Lecture Series "Co-Designing an Integrative (Demonstrator) Laboratory" is hosted by the Cluster of Excellence IntCDC in cooperation with the International Center for Cultural and Technological Studies (IZKT), University of Stuttgart.

The vision of the Cluster of Excellence „Integrative Computational Design and Construction for Architecture” (IntCDC) is to harness the full potential of digital technologies to rethink design and construction based on integration and interdisciplinarity. At its heart is the development of "co-design" as a powerful fundamental methodology that links methods, processes and systems rather than thinking in terms of traditional disciplines and boundaries. In the lecture series, we will explore co-design from various perspectives and ask what potentials, challenges and implications this type of integration can unfold for the new laboratory building at the University of Stuttgart. We ask what it takes to get a climate-neutral, socially just and inclusive building culture off the ground with the help of integrative and computational design processes. How can we co-design transformative change for sustainable universities?

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the upcoming lectures.


15.4.2021 | 17.30 University Buildings as Pioneers for a Sustainable Building Culture

Christa Reicher (Aachen) – University Buildings as Pioneers of Urban Development

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06.05.2021 | 16:00 University Buildings Opening Up Novel Collaboration Cultures
Dr. Séverine Marguin (TU Berlin) & Henrike Rabe (BIM) – Das kollaborative Habitat
Prof. Dr. Georg Vrachliotis (TU Delft) – Neue Beweglichkeit im Denken

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24.6.2021 | 17.00 University Buildings and Experimental Environments Accounting for Matters of Concern and Future More-than-Human Needs (Panel discussion)

Dr. Marie Davidová (Welsh School of Architecture)
Prof. Dr. Sampsa Hyysalo (Aalto University Helsinki)
Prof. Dr. Silke Langenberg (ETH Zurich)

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