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November 5, 2021 /



We are extremely excited to welcome Martin Tamke, Associate Professor at the Institute of Building and Technology within the Centre of IT and Architecture (CITA), Royal Danish Academy. As an International Visiting Professor, Martin Tamke will support and enrich research at IntCDC with his experience and excellence from November to Januar 2021.

"Martin brings a different perspective to our scientific discourse, one that focuses more on conceptual, cultural and social aspects of computational design and fabrication.“
––––  Prof. Jan Knippers

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Martin Tamke is pursuing a design led research in the interface and implications of computational design and its materialization. He joined the newly founded research centre CITA in 2006 and shaped its design based research practice. Projects on new design and fabrication tools for wood and composite production led to a series of digitally fabricated demonstrators that explore an architectural practice engaged with bespoke materials and behaviour. His latest research focuses on computational strategies and models for the transition of the current systems of representation in design towards those, which can serve the requirements of a future eco-metabolistic building practice based on bio-materials. His current work is characterised by strong interdisciplinary links to computer science, with a focus on Machine Learning and 3D sensing, structural engineering, with a focus on simulation and ultralight hybrid structures, and material science, with ongoing projects on bespoke materials in glulam, cellulose based bio-plastic and computational knit. His research connects academic and industrial partners and led to several national and European research projects, exhibitions and large scale demonstrators, lately the 2018 Isoropia project, as large scale contribution to the Danish Pavilion on the Venice Biennale. In 2019 Martin was appointed alternate reporter for the scientific track of the UIA2023 Copenhagen World Congress of Architects, honoring his engagement in sustainable architecture. Currently he is involved in the Danish funded 4 year research project Predicting Response, the EU project Exskallerate and several industrial collaborations.

Martin Tamke holds a Diploma (summa cum laude) in Architecture Studies from at Technical University of Braunschweig. He is an Associate Professor at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture (CITA) in Copenhagen and has research and teaching experience at the Institute for Theory and Design in Architecture at the Technical University of Braunsschweig as well as the Bauhaus Foundation in Dessau, Germany.

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