IntCDC Status Seminar 2022

November 23, 2022 /
IntCDC, Bad Boll



This year’s IntCDC Status Seminar took place in Bad Boll on November 17-18, 2022. The annual two-day event served as a summit for all cluster participants to discuss and exchange current research topics, strategies and arising expectancies of the future-proof advancement of IntCDC.

With regard to the future of the Cluster, focusing on impact, visibility and sustainability, Principal Investigators, Participating Researchers and Junior Research Group Leaders met in two separate workshops to discuss and define their visions and goals.

To further promote scientific exchange within the cluster, a selection of project highlights from the research network period 1 (2019-2022) were presented, followed by a report from the researchers of the latest building demonstrator, the livMatS Biomimetic Shell, sharing insights of the actual research.

With the successful start of Research Network Period 2 (2022-2025), the Cluster was excited to welcome at the Status Seminar new researchers who introduced themselves and their previous work with excellent rapid fire presentations.

These were followed by insights of the IntCDC survey on Equal Opportunity and Diversity, which was conducted in spring among all Cluster members.

The members of the Cluster’s management team introduced the supporting structures and measures of their respective area. In a marketplace all early career researchers were offered the possibility to further discuss these supporting structures and measures, and ask questions and make suggestions to the team.

Another highlight of the annual meeting was the IntCDC award ceremony. Early career researchers were recognized with the following three awards:

Two Best Publication Awards went to:

Many congratulations to the awardees on their achievement!

Day two of the Status Seminar started with an inspiring presentation on the potential of “Digital Technologies in Design” by Prof. Chris Harty, London South Bank University, who will join IntCDC as a visiting professor in spring 2023. We are very much looking forward!

Furthermore, a formal ceremony was held to bid farewell to the previous Early Career Board, honoring their commitment and valuable work.

Followed by the election of the new board, which much to the delight of IntCDC, has seen an increase in membership and was warmly welcomed by the Cluster. IntCDC has established the Early Career Board (ECB) in order to involve early career researchers in the Cluster governance and give them an independent voice for participation.

With the purpose of preparing the election, getting to know each other and networking, the former Early Career Board organized an Early Career Retreat on Wednesday, preceding the Status Seminar.

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