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Call for Abstracts – The material transition in Architecture and Construction

November 28, 2023 /
TATuP – Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice

S. Aicher (MPA), C. Kropp (SOWI)

On behalf of Dr. rer. nat. Simon Aicher (MPA) and Prof. Cordula Kropp (SOWI) we would like to draw your attention to the following Call for Abstracts of the TATuP Journal:

"The material transition in architecture and construction. Social, economic, spatial and cultural implications and appropriation processes"

We welcome as many proposals as possible by 29 January 2024.

This TATuP Special topic is intended to contribute to interdisciplinary, problem-oriented research on the shift toward bio- and earth-based building materials considering the related socio-technical, economic, political, ecological, and regulatory adaptation and adoption processes. It aims to examine the research and use of sustainable building materials from an integrative perspective, emphasizing the associated visions of the future, implementation opportunities and obstacles, conditions of use and acceptability, as well as the requirements of integration into the planning phases in architecture and construction. Pointed international perspectives referring to the local built heritage are also welcome. TATuP - Journal for Technology Assessment in Theory and Practice is the international and peer reviewed open access journal for the interdisciplinary field of technology assessment and neighboring fields of research.

More Information and PDF download:

Urbach Turm – Transportation and Assembly
Urbach Turm – transportation and assembly
Mjostarnet in Norway, holds its position as the tallest high-rise timber building globally, equipped with a wooden elevator shaft and free of a concrete reinforcement core.
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