Early career meets Visiting Professor Naoki Uchiyama

November 9, 2022 /



On 7 October, 2022 the seminar "Early career meets Visiting Professor Naoki Uchiyama" took place.

Naoki Uchiyama visited IntCDC from the Toyohashi University of Technology (TUT) in Japan. He is an expert in the field of crane automation and robotics, especially its implementation in an industrial context. One of his research areas is the automation of construction machinery such as cranes or excavators.

The Early Career Seminar provided an opportunity for personal exchange between IntCDC Early Career Researchers and IntCDC Visiting Professor Naoki Uchiyama. First, Prof. Uchiyama presented aspects of his research in the field of construction robotics. His presentation focused on gantry cranes, tower cranes, and excavators. The participants then presented and discussed their work with Prof. Uchiyama. The discussion centered around current challenges, ways to advance their projects, and new career paths. It was a very productive and fruitful exchange of ideas as the participants' work was closely related to Prof. Uchiyama's research.

We thank Prof. Uchiyama for providing his perspective and suggestions as well as for the opportunity to have a rich dialogue!



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