BioDiveIn Prototype Launch

April 18, 2023 /
Institute of Social Sciences, Maritim Hotel Stuttgart

M. Davidová (SOWI), H. Behnam (SOWI), M. Valverde (SOWI)


On 18 April 2023 at 03:00 p.m. the COLife Prototype Opening will take place at the Maritim Hotel (Seidenstrasse 34, 70174 Stuttgart). The prototype was achieved through experimental design studio teaching and codesigned with multiple stakeholders. BioDiveIn offers multiple habitats, feeding and water stations to bats, a variety of birds, squirrels and insects.


20230314_COLife Prototype Opening Invitation


More information can be found here.


20230314_COLife Prototype Opening_2

20230314_COLife Prototype Opening_1


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