December 13, 2021 /
Bauhaus University Weimar

The Real Life CoDesign Laboratory

Dr. Marie Davidová (IntCDC)


As part of the lecture series "In search of a pattern that connects: Gregory Bateson's ecological aesthetics and designing within a more than human world", Dr. Marie Davidová will give a lecture on "The Real Life CoDesign Labarotory" at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. 

Her lecture on Real Life CoDesign Laboratory will exemplify several case studies of cross-species and cross-intelligence codesign processes through the Real Life CoDesign Laboratory. The Real Life CoDesign Laboratory does not cover final products. Insteas, the prototypical interventions take place in real lfe and are codesignes and redesigned through real life in time based on cross-species or cross-intelligence feedback loops. As opposed to reductionist laboratory methods which aim to reduce the experiments to certain particular aspects, the real life codesign laboratory performs its processes within the complexity of real life within the real life environment. This results in complex adaptive sytsems that are responsive in real time to multiple agenices. Real Life CoDesign Laboratories are local and project specific, addressing their multi-layered and multi-scaled contexts. Therefore, these laboratories are non-reproducible. What is reproducible is only the methodological strategy.

We warmly invite you to join the online lecture on 13 December 2021, 11:00 a. m. CET  via Zoom:
Meeting ID: 852 4106 2374, Passcode: 227591




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