Equal Opportunity & Diversity

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We strive to build a diverse IntCDC community and strongly support equal opportunity across gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, physical ability, social background, age and career stage through orchestrated university-wide and Cluster-specific measures.

The Cluster-specific equal opportunity measures are multifaceted and aim to complement those of the university. The Cluster’s dedicated D&I Management operates on three levels:

  • nurturing an inclusive and diverse IntCDC research culture
  • building an inclusive and diverse IntCDC research community
  • fostering an inclusive and diverse research environment


Diversity and Equal Opportunity Measures
  • IntCDC Teams for Girls‘ Day 
  • Networking
    • IntCDC Get Together, collaboration with Early Career
    • Women & Wine
  • Recruiting
    • Recruiting workshops on sourcing and selection, collaboration with SimTech
    • Individual consulting on recruiting strategies
    • AdvanceAEC, together with Management Team
  • Visibility
    • Increase visibility of female researchers (video portraits…)
    • Visible Kids: increase visibility of parenthood (cultural activities for IntCDC parents with kids)
  • Membership in the Pooling for Equal Opportunities from the University of Stuttgart
    • Offering workshops and coaching to female researchers and senior academics
    • Supporting researchers with young children (flexi-funds)



Equal-Opportunity and Diversity Manager

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Lisa Schöllhammer

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Equal Opportunity & Diversity

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